8 Arenas of Action Matrix

  1. Complicated: For situations that require expertise, bring in knowledgeable people to create detailed plans and make sure everyone can follow them.
  2. Complex: If the situation is unpredictable, use regular feedback from a diverse group to make decisions and look out for unexpected changes.
  3. Chaos: When everything is a mess, sometimes you have to rely on luck or make a complete overhaul.
  4. Aporetic: When you’re stuck between two difficult options, set up teams to explore different solutions in simulations.
  5. Clear: When things are straightforward and well-understood, just follow standard processes and watch out for anyone breaking the rules.
  6. Complex-Chaos: To prepare for emergencies, develop and test networks that can sense human behavior, and use simulations to train.
  7. Liminally Complicated: Use strategic foresight in advance and prepare for the unexpected, including those who don’t fit the normal patterns.
  8. Unimaginable: Sometimes things happen that you just can’t predict or prepare for.

January 21, 2024